Watch Game of Thrones online free with live streaming TV

A strategy for how to watch Game of Thrones online for free comes via live-streaming TV services, which all come with their own free trials for new subscribers.

Live-streaming TV services are basically the online equivalent of cable, and HBO is typically an add-on that costs extra, beyond the basic package. The one exception is DirecTV Now, which includes HBO with its “Plus” package. This bundle from DirecTV Now normally costs $50 per month, but like all streaming TV packages it’s available for free during a free-trial period that lasts seven days.

Other live-streaming TV packages that HBO available include Hulu + Live TV and PlayStation Vue. These services start at around $45 per month, plus an extra $15 per month for HBO — after the free trial is over.

In all cases, if you ultimately decide you do not want to become a paying subscriber, you must remember to cancel before the free-trial period ends.

Also, before registering for any service in order to live stream Game of Thrones, take a moment to make sure that what you’re signing up for actually has HBO. Many streaming services do not have access to HBO, so they’re useless if your goal is to watch Game of Thrones. For example, Netflix, Sling TV, and YouTube TV do not have agreements for streaming HBO content, so you can’t use them to live stream Game of Thrones.