Gaming lounge management with SENET

Own a game lounge? We created a perfect up-to-date solution to manage it easily and to control all our business processes from any part of the globe.

Want to know how to boost your gaming lounge?

Everything you need to manage your Esports center efficiently is here. Advantages for your business.

  • Easy cloud access. From any part of the Globe. Flexible business solution;
  • Best user experience. Retain clients: use loyalty system, customize Shell, announce your news;
  • Comprehensive analytics. Make sustainable decisions using BI and detailed statistics.


Build sustainable relationships with gamer

Using efficient marketing tools: loyalty system, flexible pricing, communication with client, etc.

Easily maintain your PC park & consoles

Monitor loading, provide different access level, distribute licenses, etc.

Manage and control from any part of the globe

Finance and stuff control, comprehensive statistics, game license distribution, etc.

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Author: Tranf